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Bei Unseren Blaujacken, With Our Boys in Blue, Original German WWI Movie Poster

Bei Unseren Blaujacken, With Our Boys in Blue, Original German WWI Movie Poster

  • 1917
  • Hans Rudi Erdt (1883-1918)
  • 37 x 56 inches ~ (93 x 142 cm)
  • Linen backed

    Linen backing is the industry standard of conservation. Canvas is stretchered and a sheet of acid free barrier paper is laid down. The poster is then pasted to the acid free paper using an acid free paste. This process is fully reversible and gives support to the poster. A border of linen is left around the poster and can be used by a framer to mount the poster so that nothing touches the poster itself.

    The price of this poster includes linen backing.

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  • EXTRAORDINARILY rare and important WWI German movie poster. One of the greatest and most sought after of all WWI posters.

    This poster advertises the first German film depicting the new U-boat technology in action. Early in 1917, a productive combination of generous military sponsorship and an effective pictorial propaganda bureau transformed Germany's propaganda output. The K├Ânigliche Bild- und Film-Amt (Bufa) aimed to promote military successes to both a war-weary German public and to neutral countries, and this film was one of the organisation's earliest productions. Military support for the bureau allowed a high quality of film production, distribution and promotion, including the employment of gifted graphic artists to design posters. Hans Rudi Erdt designed several posters for Bufa

    We also have the companion poster, Flieger Zur See, Sea Flyer.

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