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CCCP USA Supermen Original Cold War Poster

CCCP USA Supermen Original Cold War Poster

  • 1968
  • Roman Cieslewicz
  • 22 x 32 inches (55 x 81 cm)
  • Linen backed

    Linen backing is the industry standard of conservation. Canvas is stretchered and a sheet of acid free barrier paper is laid down. The poster is then pasted to the acid free paper using an acid free paste. This process is fully reversible and give support to the poster. A border of linen is left around the poster and can be used by a framer to mount the poster so that nothing touches the poster itself.

    The price of this poster includes linen backing.

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  • Superman, cover image for Opus Magazine, by Roman Cieslewicz, 1968 depicting rival US and Russian versions of the comic-book heros. This poster was used on the book cover : Cold War Modern: Design 1945-70 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, from September 25. Among his 100 one-man exhibitions, some of the most important have been: 1972 Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris France 1973 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam Holland 1974 Muzeum Plakatu, Warsaw Poland 1978 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam Holland 1981 Muzeum Narodowe, Poznan Poland 1984 Kunsthalle, Darmstadt Germany 1986 Galeria BWA, Lodz Poland 1987 Galerie de Pret, Angres France 1993 The Polish Museum of America, Chicago USA 1993 Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris France 1994 Narodowa Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej Zacheta, Warsaw Poland 1998 Muzeum Plakatu, Warsaw Poland This was designed for the cover for Opus International, an avant-garde art magazine of which he was art director. Super Heroes
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