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Jewish Equilibrium, Original Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition Poster,

Jewish Equilibrium, Original Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition Poster,

  • 1941
  • 28 x 19 inches ~ (71 x 48 cm)
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  • A caricature of a giant Orthodox Jewish man controlling a seesaw where Franklin D. Roosevelt, a balding man with a pince nez, a blue suit, and a crutch faces Winston Churchill, a fat, bald man in a gray suit. Both men look up, mouths agape, at the Jewish man who has peyot, a long white beard, black eyebrows, and a large, hooked nose. He wears a long black coat and a cap with a Star of David. He stands gloating, with his elbows out, hands on hip, straddling the center of the board which balances upon a blue globe with 2 centered red continents, Europe and Africa.

    Anti-Jewish poster issued in German occupied Serbia in the fall of 1941 for the Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition in Belgrade from October 22, 1941, to January 19, 1942. The exhibit focused on the alleged Jewish-Communist-Masonic conspiracy to achieve world domination with the intent to increase hatred against outsider groups that opposed Nazi Germany. Yugoslavia had been invaded and dismembered by the Axis powers in April 1941. Germany annexed most of Slovenia and placed Serbia under military occupation. The exhibition was organized by the Serbian puppet government in collaboration with the German occupiers.