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Britain - Spearhead of Attack British  WWI Poster

Britain - Spearhead of Attack British WWI Poster

  • 1943
  • F. Donald Blake (Fredrich Donald), 1908-1997
  • 30 x 20 inches ~ (76 x 50 cm)
  • Linen backed

    Linen backing is the industry standard of conservation. Canvas is stretchered and a sheet of acid free barrier paper is laid down. The poster is then pasted to the acid free paper using an acid free paste. This process is fully reversible and gives support to the poster. A border of linen is left around the poster and can be used by a framer to mount the poster so that nothing touches the poster itself.

    The price of this poster includes linen backing.

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  • Fabulous and rare WWII map showing British impact on continental Europe at the height of WWI

    Printed in England by Alf Cooke, Leeds and London

    As the war went into its fourth year with no allied invasion of Europe, there was a concerted effort to reassure not only the citizens of Britain, but those under Nazi rule. This poster, one in a series by the Scottish artist Donald Blake, printed in English , French, Italian, Arabic and Persian.

    A wide variety of air and sea operations are shown, with large parts of Germany on fire from the bombing. "Night and Day the bombers of the R.A.F. strike deep into the enemy's war machine." Britain, in contrast, is peacefully producing arms of all kinds, along with sheep and cattle, as additional supplies arrive from the U.S. and Canada. The Royal Navy assures Britain "a ceaseless and gigantic flow of supplies which will give irresistible power to the Spearhead of Attack when the time comes to strike."

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