Anti Nuclear War Protest Poster NOTICE

ca 1970
22 x 28 inches (55 x 71 cm)

Office of Civilian Defense Washington DC
Instructions to Patrons on Premises in Case of Nuclear Bomb Attack
Upon the First Warning:
1. Stay Clear of all Windows.
2. Keep Hands Free of Glass, Bottles, Cigarettes, Etc.
3. Stand Awar From Bar, Tables, Orchestra, Equipmet and Furniture.
4. Loosen Necktie, Unbutton Coat And Any Other Restrictive Clothing.
5. Remove Glasses, Empty Pockets of all Sharp Objects such as Pens, Pencils, Etc.
6. Immediatly Upon Seeing the Brilliant Flash of Nuclear Explosion, Bend Over and Place Your Head Firmly Between Your Legs.
7. Then Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.
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