The desires of madmen became widespread
British Persian Anti-German WW2

ca 1943
KEM (Kimon Evan Marengo)
9 x 13 1/2 inches (22 x 34 cm)

Hitler as Zahhāk and Göring find their pleasure only in torturing and killing. The iconography follows a later episode of the Shahname, the execution of the socialist and anti-clerical Mazdak and his disciples.

The law of the wise became hidden, and the desires of madmen became widespread; the hand of the government grew long in evil purpose, goodness was only heard of in secret.

Hitler takes the shape of the evil ruler Zahhāk, from whose shoulders two snakes (Mussolini and Tojo) hiss.

Published by the British Ministry of Information for use, during the 1943 Teheran Conference, where Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met in Iran.

Extremely rare poster, we are proud to offer a complete set of all 5 posters from the set. Please note small tape stain top center.
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